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​​These projects were about organizational design, strategy and employee behavior

Longitudinal research on working conditions in the EU and Switzerland

Role: Researcher, statistical analyses|Client and collaborator: Swiss State Secretariat For Economic Affairs​​

Year: 2011-2012

I was part in a Europe-wide, longitudinal research project commissioned by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs about working conditions in Europe.

I was responsible for data preparation/”cleanup” and data analysis, comparing data over a 5-year period, and co-authored two reports.

Some of the topics we looked at were physical and psychological stress, factors involved in relieving stress, work organization and management.

Change leadership

Role: Consultant|Client: Multinational client in the financial industry​​

Year: 2014-2015

For an international client in the financial sector, I designed a change readiness program for app. 240 managers across Europe, together with their global HR manager. The company will be going through major changes in the coming years and needed to prepare their managers in strategic and tactical change leadership.

I created an interactive e-learning platform, something my company had never done. In addition, the program included a change simulation game day and a personal development plan. The client and the participants were very happy with this format.

Generation management, leadership, safety and well-being

Role: Researcher and consultant|Client: 4 manufacturing companies in Switzerland​​Year: 2010-2012

Manufacturing organizations in Switzerland are faced with the challenges of an ageing workforce, knowledge transfer, and leading multi-generation teams. Under this broader research question, we collaborated with 4 production companies in different industries.

The aim was to uncover current and future issues within generation management and create insights into how to design a work environment and work profiles which would act to prevent strain and other health issues over time and increase motivation, employee retention and performance.

Here I use one case study from a production company in the food industry as an example.

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