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Coursera project for UX design by CalArts, in progress

Role: Research, concept|Year: in progress

Breatheɘasy is a concept for an app that helps you to de-stress

and create better over-all well-being. Further steps during the course will be creating wireframes, a UI and a prototype.

Guides you to de-stress

Breatheɘasy helps you manage stress and anxiety by letting you know when you need to calm down, and guiding you to steady breathing.

Avoids over-triggering

The app will know the user’s activity level from gyro-sensor and geopositioning data, which will help avoid overtriggering in case the user is exercising, for example. 

Detects your heart rate

If the user wears a smartwatch or fitness tracker, the app can be set to alert them if their heart rate exceeds a threshold while they’re at rest, and automatically launch to offer visual stimuli to calm their breath. 

Connects the dots

Over time the user can check the history of their usage of the app to see if they typically have anxious symptoms in specific places or times of day. This can be useful information for understanding what triggers anxiety, self-managing the issue, or to share with a healthcare professional.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 13.40.07.png

Mood board, typeface and color palette. 

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