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Role: Research, concept |Year: 2016


Sound helps you focus

Nature de-stresses

Meditation brings well-being

Research has shown that time spent in nature and even just looking at nature images reduces feelings of stress and accelerates recovery time after surgery.

Certain type of music and sounds are associated with better focus, attention, and even memory.

Meditation has long been seen as a tool to enhance over-all well-being. Some research suggests that meditation helps in making better decisions, i.e., right before an important meeting.

Concept, research

Based on these findings and my own experiences with views and situations that I found calming and conducive to mindfulness, I’ve been filming short sequences of landscapes, light etc. for some time to look at when I'm stressed.

I then started to test the clips with a handful of regular yoga practitioners. The feedback was positive: the short videos provide a sense of calm, and make people take deeper breaths. The shortness of the clips is also experienced positively; like that they can be watched anytime and anywhere.  

beach winter
Bells and flags
Shadows and sounds
Yellow tree
IMG_4675 2

These are a few of the short videos

Thoughts on development

Prototyping a physical micro-space—a space which you can enter and dive into an audio-visual experience, completely undistracted. The box could be placed indoors, in lobbies or workplaces, or outdoors in public spaces. 

Prototyping for VR—an immersive sensory experience to meditate anywhere and anytime. There is research being done in  

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