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​​Physical & digital, finished & in-progress, school work & personal

Blue ice

School project in the 1st year of Industrial Design|Role: Research and design

Year: March-May 2018

Sustainable backpack cooler mycelium cork

This school assignment was to redesign beach coolers.

My final design is a modular beach-cooler backpack made from natural, sustainable materials. The main pack has two compartments—cool and normal—and a detachable bottom cooler box on wheels. 

Blue Ice can either be carried like a backpack or rolled like a suitcase.
The main pack is made from naturally grown cork fabric, while its inside cooling compart- ment and the cooler box are made from mycelium-based foam, which insulates even better than Styrofoam and is 100% natural and biodegradable.  

Poo Zoo

Educational game design for children age 2-5|Role: Research, concept, prototype

Year: present

Small kids are obsessed with poo. If you are spending time with children, you know this :) 

In the natural history museum in Oslo, the most frequented and most loved area by kids is the "poo station": a place where artificial poo from different animals are placed in containers and the children have to guess which animal it belongs to. This and interacting with many young children gave me the idea for an educational online game about animals, their eating habits and their poo.

The broader vision would be collaborating with wildlife conversation organizations. 

No sh*t things
Project in-progress|Role: Research, concept, UX design
Year: 2020-present

How might we be guided to make conscious, healthy, ethical, and sustainable choices in the products and brands we use? 

The challenge is twofold: 1) to consolidate data on material ingredients and their scientific health ratings, and 2) to guide consumers towards making conscious choices that are good for themselves, the environment and the people who produce them.

Carry light, cook easy, store safe. Reuse always—

The all in one outdoor food gear

School project in the 1st year of Industrial Design|Role: Research, concept, prototype

Year: Feb-March 2018


The assignment was to redesign portable eating utensils for a specific target group.

After looking at possible user groups, I chose the outdoor market as my target group. It interested me the most because of the constraints that designing for this group entails. 

Problems which I uncovered during the exploratory interviews were:

- often heavy and/or bulky products,

- not all products are durable or reusable,

- often not made with sustainable materials,

- often different products for different types of food,

- the utensils aren't the problem

- the containers are the problem, and

- many products not easily stored during and/or after the trip.

Zen box — micro space for mindful moments

Course project|Role: Research, concept

Year: 2018-2019

Being in nature is proven to be stress-relieving. Researchers have found that merely watching nature images also has positive effects, improves health and even reduces the time spent in the hospital after surgery. Based on that and my own experiences with views and situations that I found calming and conducive to mindfulness, I’ve been filming one-minute sequences of landscapes, light etc. for some time. 

I’ve been testing the clips with a handful of friends. The feedback has been very positive. 

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