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Design projects

​​Physical & digital, finished & in-progress, school work & personal

Blue ice

School project in the 1st year of Industrial Design|Role: Research and design

Year: March-May 2018

This school assignment was to redesign beach coolers.

My final design is a modular beach-cooler backpack made from natural, sustainable materials. The main pack has two compartments—cool and normal—and a detachable bottom cooler box on wheels. 

Blue Ice can either be carried like a backpack or rolled like a suitcase.
The main pack is made from naturally grown cork fabric, while its inside cooling compart- ment and the cooler box are made from mycelium-based foam, which insulates like Styrofoam but is 100% natural and biodegradable.  


Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms. With new innovative methods, mycelium growth can be harnessed to produce a material which insulates better than Styrofoam—and is 100% natural and compostable. 

Cork is a natural supermaterial. It is highly insulating, waterproof, light, and friction-resistant—as well as renewable and sustainable.

Carry light, cook easy, store safe. Reuse always—

The all in one outdoor food gear

School project in the 1st year of Industrial Design|Role: Research, concept, prototype

Year: Feb-March 2018

The assignment was to redesign portable eating utensils for a specific target group.

After looking at possible user groups, I chose to research and design for outdoorsy people going on trips during which they need to prepare food in some way.

Problems which the exploratory interviews I conducted uncovered were:

- weight and compactness,

- durability/reusability,

- sustainability,

- usage for all types of food, and

- easy storage.

Zen box — micro space for mindful moments

Personal project, in-progress|Role: Research, concept

Year: 2018-2019

Being in nature is proven to be stress-relieving. Researchers have found that merely watching nature images also has positive effects, improves health and even reduces the time spent in the hospital after surgery. Based on that and my own experiences with views and situations that I found calming and conducive to mindfulness, I’ve been filming one-minute sequences of landscapes, light etc. for some time. 

I’ve been testing the clips with a handful of friends. The feedback has been very positive. 

Breatheɘasy — Guiding you to breathe easy, when you need it most

In-progress Coursera course project

Year: 2019

Breatheɘasy is a concept for an app that helps people calm down when they need it most, used with smartphones and smartwatches. Animated visual aids help to stabilize and calm the breath, and through monitoring the user’s heart rate the app knows when they’ve calmed down. 

It is for anyone who suffers from unwanted levels of stress or anxiety and owns a smartphone. Whether it’s everyday stress or panic attacks, deep and stable breathing is known to relieve immediate anxiety, and visual cues are a proven way to guide the breath.