Personal project and UX class project, Udacity|Year: present

Project context: This is a personal as well as a UX design course project. The challenge is how might consumers who usually buy organic food be guided to also make conscious choices in other product areas. 


Guiding you to use toxin-free, ethical and sustainable products

I have been using toxin-free, ethical and sustainable products for years, but more often than not, it's rather hard to find out which products are scoring high in each of those three categories. It can be very time consuming and an information nightmare. Since I love data, I don't mind combing through until I find what's best. However, many people don't want to do that.

Therefore I decided to work on this challenge: How might we be guided to make conscious, healthy, ethical, and sustainable choices in the products and brands we use? 

Research & Wireframe

Research visualizations coming soon (affinity diagram, user flow, etc.)

After the first batch of interviews with "super conscious users", I prototyped a first concept: an app that allows you to look up an ingredient or a specific product. It then tells you whether the ingredient/the product is toxin-free, ethical and sustainable. 

After user interviews, one iteration was to add a "get inspired" section, where the user would be introduced to products that have been assessed for their ingredients, ethics and sustainable practices. 

Affinity map of first batch of research with users who use "sustainable living" digital products / apps 

User research_affinity mapping.jpg

A small selection of iterations for the home screen

A small selection of iterations for the curated content screen

Focus change: from toxin-detection to curated content

The vast majority of the "super coscious users" reported that they would use the scan and lookup function. However, when interviewing the second group of users who are a bit less deep into "green living", the vast majority mentioned they would prefer to just receive a list of already vetted products / brands.

User research of other apps also showed that the scanning function cause the most dissatisfaction if bugs occur—and for the apps with this function, this is the bug category that was mentioned most often.

This led me to take a more contend-oriented approach: I added "focus of the week" to the home screen, which will highlight an issue, a supported organization or brand. I also added curated lists of products for different areas (e.g., skincare, style, surf, yoga, home).

Interactive prototype

This is an interactive prototype after various iterations that resulted from the first two batches of user interviews. The first batch of users were "super conscious users", the second batch were users who do buy organic groceries but aren't as "conscious" in other product areas. 

The current version caters to both user groups: the home screen lets the user scan a bar code or an ingredient list, while it also offers a weekly focus about an issue or a vetted product. 

In the bottom navigation, the users find their profile (if created one), inspiration, product scanner, their saved things, and search function.

This is not the final UX and more insights and iterations about this project are coming soon!

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